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Mr Chris Lekkas.

Would highly recommend Braw Kilts if you are considering a new kilt. Contacting them over Facebook was easy and they were extremely responsive and helpful. I chose my family tartan which was easy for Braw to source the fabric in different wieghts (I chose medium weight). On request I was also able to get a matching tie and bow-tie in the same tartan as my kilt. When I picked up the kilt it fitted perfectly and the quality was excellent. I had this made for my wedding in Thailand and it really looked fantastic. Thank you Braw Kilts. 

Quality of product 5/5
Communication and service 5/5

Mr Brian Strye.

Truly a work of art. I loved getting up dates throughout the process of making my kilt. I will get my next kilt from Braw Kilts with out a doubt.

Mr Gary Hamilton

Received my kilt last week from Cathy to go to a wedding, service was second to none, needed slight alteration which was no problem to Cathy. The comments I received at the wedding were fantastic how lovely the kilt was. Cathy also paid attention as I had my kilt pin in wrong, she guided me on how to wear it. I would recommend Cathy and Braw kilts to anyone, thanks Gary.  

Tania Pramshuffer

Braw Kilts are the most incredible and wonderful kilt makers, having made six bespoke World Fair Trade Tartan kilts for World Fair Trade Day, they are all stunning and each of them different to suit the person, from traditional to a short, a kids kilt with fun lining fabric and one made especially for President of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Thank you so much Cathy and Jack for your incredible workmanship, we are so proud and thankful we selected Braw, I think the best kilt makers in Scotland!!!

Mr Ben Burmo

A quick note to say a huge thank you for my kilt !!! It made me feel 10 feet tall and you won't believe the comments I received. My Aunty Margaret said that it was one of the best kilts she has ever seen " top top " was her words, so expect a call in the near future. All of my Edinburgh cousins now have your details!

My best regards and I hope your business continues to flourish!

Philip Family

Love the kilt that was made for my son. Highly recommend Cathy & her son! Wonderful kilt and wonderful family.

Mr Alexander J Selby.

I love the Tweed kilt I had made last year! I will definitely order another kilt from Braw Kilts this year!

Mr John Dutton

Cathy is one of the premier kilt makers of our day.

Mr Daniel Dux

Absolutely love my braveheart braw kilt!!!

We met Cathy when we were travelling through Scoland, first for measurement and 2 days later!!! for pick up my kilt! Awesome service (including her son Jack) and craftsmanship!!! I recieved compliments for the kilt from everyone including Pipe&Drum bands!

If you like to get an original handmade kilt I highly recommand Braw Kilts! You will feel the passion and the knowledge of over 30 years in kiltmaking!

Hope to see you again! Best wishes from Switzerland, Dani

Mr Dwight Myers


To anyone who is considering purchasing a Braw kilt,
Great customer service. Great construction. Great fit, but of course that's half on you to get a proper measurement. Nicest kilt I ever owned and I've owned quite a few. I suggest you buy a couple of swatches from different mills to make sure you get the tartan you like the best. Different mills can make noticeably different tartans from the "same" sett. Even noticeably different hues of color. Love my Braw kilt. Can't wait till I buy another.

Jan Hawkins


I have recently had two purchases from Braw Kilts and have been extremely pleased with both. I needed a special kilt for Burns Night and, with Christmas and New Year between, received it on time and have been delighted with the tailoring of it. The second was a Fly plaid for a special event and limited time to get it. This also arrived in plenty of time. 


I highly recommend Braw Kilts for their workmanship, quick responses to emails and professionalism. Nothing is too much trouble and they will go the extra mile to deliver the perfect garment on time. I have not met the people personally, but feel they are friends I can call any time with a query and know I will have an answer without delay.


Greatful thanks to all at Braw Kilts.

Mr Neil Lynch

I purchased some lovely Harris Tweed and wanted a good kilt maker to tailor to my requirements. 

Braw Kilts was recommended to me by the tweed weaver.  I had no regrets, Cathy producted a kilt exactly the way I wanted it, great fit, professional finish with unique touches requested by me.. Cannot recommend highly enough .I'll be ordering another from them soon. 

Army Apprentices Pipe Band.

As stated in the Braw Kilts website, in 2018 they provided all the new kilts in the new tartan for The Army Apprentices Pipes and Drums. This was a great start to the band being kitted out in a standard uniform and all 16 kilts were made and delivered before we actually used them at our annual reunion. There were a couple of hiccups outside the control of Braw Kilts but they corresponded and came up trumps for us. We proudly wear our Army Apprenrtice's tartan kilt in Harris tweed and the band looks the business. We are going back to them this year for a couple more kilts. Thanks for all your help.

Keith Armour 

Hey guys,
I just want to share a wee story with you about Jack and Cathy from Braw Kilts.(give them a like) 
They made me a traditional/bespoke, made to measure hand sewn kilt in Capital sci fi con colours (ancient weir) and the woven wool tartan, was supplied by Lochcarron of Scotland. 
I've never owned a kilt and was blown away when they said they would make me a kilt to wear at Capital Sci fi Con, especially because it was in our convention colours. 

From start to finish they were amazing and professional, from the original contact, right through to being measured and then finally receiving the kilt to wear at Meal with the Stars.
I can't stress how happy I am with my kilt and I'm sure Cathy knows, with how big a hug I gave her on collecting it.
If your thinking of getting a kilt made for you, get in touch with Braw Kilts... With over 30 years in making hand made Kilts you can't go wrong with the quality and caftwork involved

Mr Jospeh Johnson

Jack and Cathy of braw kilts are tip top. From the best customer service to the very best in kilt making. I own two braw kilts and have my third on order to be made. Whether I’m wearing them casually or to formal events, these kilts are head turners. Thank you Cathy for the exceptional kilts and thank you jack for the best customer service. All of this is why I will own many more braw kilts 🤘🏻

Mr Bob Gilmore 

Thanks to Cathy and Jack at Braw Kilts for making my order easy. My World Fair Trade 8 yard kilt is made to perfection and clearly the best made kilt I own. The front aprons are to the proper length and the pleats are all perfect. I highly recommend having the Braw Kilts make your next kilt.

Mr Graham Johnstone


I bought a kilt from Braw Kilts for my wedding. It was hand stitched by Cathy who was delightful to meet and helped me through each decision. I enjoyed the entire process from picking my buckles to my final fit. The detailing and the kilt looks great. Cathy even helped source the right tartan from the mill to get as close a match to my Brothers kilts as possible. I could not be happier with my kilt and i love wearing it. It was very special for me to wear a kilt at my wedding that was made by hand in Scotland. If you have to decided to get a kilt then i hope you choose Braw Kilts, you will be very happy that you did !!!. Thank You Braw Kilts, You should be proud of what you make."

Mr Graham Johnstone

Mr Shaun Mountain 

I would absolutely recommend using Braw Kilts when purchasing a kilt. Coming from South Africa this was my first time buying a kilt and Jack was so helpful sifting through all the information to help make my decision from the never ending tartan selections available. Once the choice had been made, Cathy did the fitting who again was so helpful and knowledgeable, she made the whole process a joy. My kilt was ready on time and I couldn't be happier with the final result. 
The personal service you get is wonderful which in my experience is something you don't receive at the larger kilt stores.
Shaun Mountain

Mr Andrew MacFarlane

Being involved in Scottish travel industry, Scottish Commissioner for the Clan Macfarlane and a custom sgian dubh maker I wear a kilt more than most. 
When choosing the kilt for my wedding and having all my families kilts passed down through the generations, I wanted to make sure my own was going to meet the same traditional standards.

After months of visiting different kilt shops and shortlisting, I discovered Braw Kilts and learning of Cathys expertise in the kilt industry I was feeling confident I found the right makers. Jack made the process very easy and I thought it to good to be true so I arranged a face to face appointment to ensure the quality was going to be there. Everything from how I wanted it to sit to choosing my buckles and tartan was a seamless process and I left confidently knowing I found the best around.

I am so pleased with the quality Braw Kilts produced I will continue to have my kilts made with them and give them the highest of recommendations to anyone looking for their next family heirloom. 

Mr Gerhard Christoph

 My first time I bought a stunning kilt at Braw Kilts and I think it is not the last!!!

This great kilt has got a high quality and it is made with love, I am very happy and excited!

Thank you Cathy and Jack

Mr William Janus

I have had the WFTO kilt for a few months now and I am truly amazed by the quality in the stitching, the buckles, the leather ext. Where ever I go wearing the Kilt I get compliments on the beautiful design of the tartan. It almost has a 3D look to it. The pictures do not do this tartan justice. Braw kilts has excellent service and are very personable people and will do their best to guide you through the ordering process and will ensure you receive a quality product. 
I will definitely be putting in more orders in the future!!! 

Mr William Janus 

Mr Jack C. COOK

My First Kilt was MacLean modern hunting tartan, ordered from Geoffrey’s sept 2004 at a Celtic festival in Estes Park Colorado. I was supposed to pick it up the following year at the same festival due to some unforeseen problem they did not have it. I finally received it by mail November 2005. It was and is still a very Good kilt. I then purchased some utility type kilts, some better than others.

I find the process of trying to out guess the sizing or measurement instructions of the various sites to be sort of a guess and hope situation. But with Brawkilts the directions were clear and easy to follow. The excellence of the construction and the artistry of the way the plaid was laid out for the pleats was beautiful. I would highly recommend Brawkilts and will probably deal with them again as the desire for another kilt comes upon me.
Jack C Cook

Dr. Damian Broussard

Cathy. I wanted to send you a special Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my kilt that I won from y'all for the contest. Your work is impeccable and of the highest quality.

Thank you for the obvious care and love that you put into making this work of art. I hope it stays in my family for generations to come.

Thank you. "

Toast Master Mr John Smith

Got my second kilt from Cathy/Braw kilts and I am very pleased. In addition Cathy pulled out all the stops to get my kilt completed so I could officiate at a wedding. I had lost a great deal of weight during the various lock downs so needed a new kilt rather than trying to alter the older one.

Mr Kyle Dawson

I received a Skene tartan kilt from Braw kilts a couple years ago, it was the first kilt of several I would get from them, superb quality, with no equal.. Jack is extremely knowledgeable about Tartans, and the attention to detail is unparalleled. I would recommend and have in fact recommended Braw Kilts to anyone who asks me about purchasing a traditionally hand sewn kilt.

Mr Callum Brodie

I couldn't be happier with the kilt I ordered from Braw kilts for my wedding. It was my first time buying my own and Jack answered all of my questions and even sent a few samples of tartans for me. I decided to go for the Auld Alliance tartan which was suggested by Jack as my wife is French and the wedding took place in France. The quality of the product and the service received exceeded my expectations and made this experience very memorable for me. 
              Completely chuffed

Mr Brian Platt

My wife decided that with me turning 50 in pandemic lockdown I needed a wee treat. I was well overdue for a new kilt, and there's nothing like a proper handmade garment and Braw Kilts have delivered an absolute beast of a kilt.

Jack's communication throughout the ordering process was spot on and it was through his recommendation for a Harris Tweed supplier that I found the perfect cloth.

I couldn't be happier with how the kilt turned out, it fits perfectly and the pleating with the stripe looks brilliant. All the best, Brian.

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