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What We Offer.


Braw Kilts Offer traditional/bespoke hand sewn made to measure kilts in a variety of the finest Tartans & Tweeds/Harris Tweeds.

Each kilt is made to the highest standard and comes with:

3 Buckles and Straps 
Sporran Loops 

Matching Garters/Flashes 

Each Kilt is hand sewn & made from start to finish by the same kilt maker.



When it comes to choosing a tartan for your kilt, whether its a family tartan, Favourite colour or just something different then Braw Kilts can accommodate.

We source all our tartans from the finest weaving mills and if your tartan is produced by more than one mill then you will be given all options available.

There is also different weights of tartan, 13oz Medium weight and 16oz Heavyweight are the two most popular weights of tartan available, Although there are lighter weights available (11oz) we wouldn't recommend these for a kilt.


Harris Tweed.


Over the past few years the demand for genuine hand woven harris tweed kilts has increased making it one of the most popular choices today when choosing a kilt.

Braw Kilts provide the very best when it comes to a Genuine Harris Tweed Kilt, Working closely with the Hand weavers themselves on the Isle of Harris & lewis, We ensure that from start to finish that every kilt is made by the very best.  

Each Harris Tweed Kilt comes with its very own label from The Harris Tweed Authority.

Customising Your Kilt.

When Ordering your kilt from us, You will be given the option to customise your kilt with different coloured straps and a choice of different Buckles at no extra cost.


You can also choose whether you would like black or cream lining on the inside of your.


Options for straps and buckles.


Straps: Black or Brown 

Buckles: (Top) Nickel, Antique Gunmetal, Matt Black. (Bottom) Smokey, Antique Brass, Gilt.

Pleating Options



Braw Kilts also offer a range of accessories to match your kilt including Sporrans, Fly Plaids, Matching tie & bow-tie, Sgian Dubh, Kilt pins and belts and buckles.

Please Enquire for available lists & Prices.

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