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Bomb Disposal Tartan


Braw Kilts have been chosen to be the official Representative of The Bomb Disposal Tartan. We are now taking requests to be included in the next run of this Amazing Tartan. A contact form is set up below in order for anyone to submit their interest, Then in January ( THIS HAS NOW CLOSED ) we will open up for everyone to make payment, You will have 4 weeks in order to confirm your order and make payment. 

At the request of the Designer/Owner Dale Green of the tartan a donation is to be made from the sale, Dale has asked that rather the him receive a royalty for allowing his tartan be woven he would instead like charities to benefit from it instead. Like our previous run a donation of £5/$6.64 will be made from each metre sold. There will be a list of recommended charities that will be provided in the coming weeks that you can choose from to have your portion donated to. The last sale amounted in a donation of $1,161.00 made to the EODWF. 


The Tartan will be available purchase from 1 metre for customers who wish to source their own makers for items. Braw Kilts will offer a range of products which are listed below:  Please note for certain Braw Kilts items you will need to purchase a metre(s) and then add your choice(s) of item to be made from this metre.

Available from Braw Kilts:

Kilt - £450 / £495         Available in 8 or 9 Yards. *Self Measurement forms Available if needed.  9 yard will be required if your hip measurement                                       is 46" or more.*  Price includes the tartan and the making of the kilt plus a free set of matching Garters/Flashes, You will                                       also get options of buckles and straps to choose from to customise your kilt with at no extra cost.

Fly Plaid - £180               Fringe Options are available. 

By The Metre - £45 pm     

To Have the following items made you will need to purchase 1 x metre and the following items can be made from it. If purchasing 1 of each item then you will only need 1 x metre. 

Neck Tie - £25         

Bow Tie - £ 25          Available in Self Tie or Ready To Wear.

Pocket Square - £10

Face Mask -£10    

Shipping will be with either DHL or Postal service depending on the weight, size and value of your order. Both options will be fully Tracked and Traced.

prices for shipping will be between
£20 to £55.95 
Again cost depends on weight, size and value of your order

PLEASE NOTE:  Weave #2 has not been woven yet, The order with the weaving mill will be submitted after we have received everyones order confirmation and payment which we will open up in MID JANUARY for. It take around 12 - 15 weeks for this tartan to be woven by the mill, After we have received the tartan we will go about the booking in process for kilts and these will be made over the following weeks. All other none kilt orders will be made and shipped asap.  

PLEASE NOTE: Timescales could be longer than first anticipated due Diary and other circumstances 

PLEASE NOTE: This Tartan is ONLY AVAILABLE to any person who is or has served as a certified military or public safety Bomb Disposal Technician and their immediate family members as well as certain other approved associated persons.

Contact Form:



Bomb Disposal is an all-encompassing term used to describe the worldwide professions of both military Explosive Ordnance Disposal and public safety Hazardous Devices Disposal. The Bomb Disposal Tartan was designed to represent, honor, and unite all Bomb Technicians and their families, past – present – future; without regard to military or public safety service, or the nationality of the Technician. The tartan may be worn or displayed by any person who is or has served as a certified Bomb Technician and their immediate family members (current spouse, parents, siblings, and children), as well as certain other approved associated persons.

The heraldry of the tartan is as follows:

  • Olive drab and flat black are both symbolic of military and public safety special operations and are the primary and secondary colors of the bomb suit. Flat black also symbolizes a mourning band, honoring all of our brothers and sisters who have laid their lives “upon the alter of freedom,” and acknowledges the pain and loss suffered by their colleagues, families, and friends.

  • The olive drab and flat black bands form the warp and weft of the commonly recognized checkered pattern of tartans known as the sett and are proportionate to their presence on the bomb suit.

  • Scarlet honors the bloodshed of all Bomb Technicians who have been either injured or killed and signifies that we are one family, regardless of our service or nationality. It is also the heraldic color of fortitude and victory.

  • Gold symbolizes honor and excellence and is reminiscent of the lightning bolts common to many Bomb Disposal insignias around the world.

  • Desert-tan represents the unprecedented I.E.D. challenges faced by Bomb Technicians in the Global War on Terrorism and beyond.

    The Bomb Disposal Tartan was designed and created by Bomb Technician Dale Green, with input from military and public safety Bomb Technicians and the invaluable assistance of Mr. Steve Ashton of Freedom Kits. It has been officially approved by and registered with the Government of Scotland – Scottish Register of Tartans and assigned registration #11225. Proceeds from its sale benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation, the Bomb Technician’s Memorial Foundation, and other charitable organizations supporting Bomb Technicians and their families.

Customising Your Kilt...

Each Braw Kilt Purchased comes with a free set of Matching Tartan Garters/Flashes. You Will also receive options of buckles and straps to choose from to customise your kilt with at extra cost.  Pleating options will also be provided in this section in the coming weeks. 



1st February: Sale has now closed and we have processed the order with the mill. It will take around 15 weeks to be woven from this point.

JUNE: Weaving has been Completed, We will now move on making and contacting everyone for the necessary details please look out for an email from us over the next few weeks. 

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